Cotton Village Pvt Limited is one of the leading raw cotton trading agents in Bangladesh and and we are also doing PSF and viscose marketing for our customers. We have been involved in cotton business since 2005 with entire satisfaction of our customers representing internationally reputed exporters/ manufacturers.

Our aim is to build up a bridge between Bangladesh textile industry and world raw cotton trade. Following activities help us to confirm our stakeholders’ satisfaction which is our main objective.

  • Maintain strong network & good relationship among customers, suppliers & other stakeholders.
  • Prompt and proactive activities to adjust ourselves in rapidly changing and competitive market condition in order to support our customers, suppliers & other stakeholders.
  • Analyzing optimum satisfaction level of individual customers, suppliers & other stakeholders.
  • Consistently maintain & improve our quality of services.


What our values

Who our suppliers

Who our buyers

always maintain all laws, rules and regulations of raw cotton business.Fulfillment of stakeholders mutual benefits, business ethics and
quality assurance are main drivers of our business principles. We
consistently provide competitive price, timely shipment & payment
and co-ordination of contract to our stakeholders and receive highest
level of reliability.

Our business ethics rely on reliability, responsibility and sincerity.

commission the above types of goods through the some internationally
reputable cotton merchant’s suppliers and we sources all goods from
committed suppliers & customers who have strong financial
capabilities, good reputation, modern ginning process and highly skilled

out some committed buyers who have strong financial capabilities and
reputation. We are now performing  in our domestic market with entire
satisfaction of our buyers and developing in Vietnam, Indonesia and
Turkey as well.